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Final Thesis Project Documentation (May 2005)

View an excerpt from our final documentation on our findings about Interactive Art Methodology.

Luminance - Thesis Proposal - September 2004

Fall 2004 Quarter Report

Submission for Cal State University Student Research Competition (March 2005)

Winter 2005 Quarter Report



The intersection of Imagery, Interactivity, and Illusion is the area of exploaration in Lumiance.  Technology is the foundation


Sketch of Luminance installation
Luminance in final configuration:
1. Projector 2. Rear Projection Screen – 10’ X 7.5’ 3. Video Camera 4. Personal Computer networked to 5. Personal Computer


Eyes Web Patch


November 2004 - Videos of initial proof of concept: 1 | 2

Short Attention Span Presents Luminance

Multimedia Graduate Program Forum
March 15, 2005

View Luminance Storyboards - Alpha version

Video: Testing Rear Projection
Video: User Testing March 2005

Winter 2004 Injury Report: 1 | 2 | 3


Short Attention Span keeps ongoing documentation through online blogs kept by the team members.


April 2005 - Screen Construction


Video: User Testing April 2005

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